American Mother’s BEAM Surgery Testimonial for Surgery in January 2018


I want to dedicate this letter to those people who are considering to do B.E.A.M surgery. 


     Our family member had this surgery on January 11, 2018, and we can state with confidence that we saw improvements within 12 hours after the surgery. Dr. Mackliff is an amazing doctor, one who knows how to treat his patients, and we will never regret that we trusted him.  

     Our family member with schizophrenia and many other issues, used to refuse to eat apples, cut his hair, watch TV. Also, he suffered “black outs” when he was leaving home, and did not know where he was going or how to get back home. After the surgery, he woke up and his first words were, “I can create my thoughts now, they come naturally very fast. I can remember them and understand them. He also started eating apples, watching TV, and got a haircut. Those improvements we observed 12 hours after the surgery. 

      I want to say, that full recovery does not come right away, every patient has a different time frame. But they do come, BEAM surgery helps everyone with schizophrenia. We still have time ahead to recover fully; however, we can see progress every day.  


I will be glad to share my experience, and if anyone has any questions you are welcome to contact me through my email. 


Thank you so much Dr. Mackliff 

Email from 2nd Mother of Son who had BEAM surgery (January 11, 2018)

Two Days after Surgery

Suzanne, it is a miracle.

Dr. Macliff is a genius, and amazing doctor.

My son keeps changing, he talks to me now, he does. Before it was impossible to have as conversation with him. Looks like life has returned to him. He also started watching TV. Even though it is in Spanish, he still watches it. Before we could not make him.

I just can’t contain my happiness.

Thank you.

Letter from Zuly, after son Miguel’s Surgery on January 10th, 2018


Hello Suzanne,

I wanted to let you know how happy we are after Miguel’s surgery, this is a miracle. My son is completely different right after the BEAM procedure  He told me he feels so different without anxiety and very calmed down. He mentioned he sees the world very different. He also told me he wants to return to the university and start a new life. Erika is so surprised by my son’s change, she saw him completely normal. I notice he talks normal not like before as a robot.
Dr. Jose Mackliff is an angel changing the future of many people who suffer schizophrenia and also their families affected by that. Thank you so much for  all your support.
Best regards,

Schizophrenia Solution and Patient Case Study films are saving Lives


Suzanne with Mom with Son with Schizophrenia

We no longer need to cringe when the subject of schizophrenia is brought up in a conversation. It is no longer a death sentence or worse, a life sentence to a regime of antipsychotic drugs. 112 people have freed themselves, after educating themselves about BEAM and the cause of schizophrenia, and after consulting with Dr. Mackliff in Ecuador , have scheduled the surgery for their loved ones.

This is not a result of blind faith, but rather a result of their education about a solution for schizophrenia and about the harmful effects of antipsychotic drug treatment, especially for life.

Dr. Mackliff recommended to me that we postpone my son’s entry into the university by one year and to bring him to Ecuador immediately for the surgery. He said, “Things change very quickly with schizophrenia, and what is possible today may not be possible later. He was right. We did not follow his recommendations, and my son committed suicide three months after leaving the university after attending for one quarter and receiving straight A’s.

You should know that BEAM Procedure for schizophrenia is the only solution for schizophrenia that eliminates the symptoms of schizophrenia and in many cases, restores normal lives. Visit and watch the BEAM Patient case study videos and documentary film to be released in January that will be  viewable on this site and my youtube channel Schizophrenia Solution.

Recommendations from Dr. Mackliff, the creator of BEAM Procedure for Schizophrenia

BITs World Congress Neurotalk

Dr. Mackliff presenting BEAM Procedure at the 2015 BIT’s World Congress of Neurotalk

More people are finding out about BEAM Surgery for schizophrenia and are contacting Dr. Mackliff about their loved ones. Two people, through this website, have already scheduled BEAM surgeries for their 28-year-old and and 18-year-old sons in January. This is not a result of blind faith, but rather a result of their education about a solution and about the harmful effects of antipsychotic drug treatment, especially for life.

Dr. Mackliff recommended to me, in 2013, that we postpone my son’s entry into the university by one year and bring him to Ecuador immediately for the surgery. He said, “Things change very quickly with schizophrenia, and what is possible today may not be possible later.” He was right. We did not follow his recommendations, and my son committed suicide three months after leaving the university after attending for one quarter and receiving straight A’s. This website and my book and documentary film are a result of my own tragic experience of losing my son to schizophrenia and antipsychotic drug treatment.

Please take the time to education yourself about this marvelous treatment in Ecuador that is saving lives everyday.

Have a rich and encouraging new year knowing that a solution to schizophrenia has been found!


Suzanne Ayer Patterson

Schizophrenia – Cause and Cure, Dr. Mackliff explains Results from BEAM Surgery

BEAM Explanation

Please watch my documentary film A Life Worth Living – Solution to Schizophrenia on this site that clearly explains the schizophrenia process and how the BEAM surgery works to eliminate the symptoms of schizophrenia and regulate cerebral dopamine. It is a scientific document of a miraculous cure for schizophrenia.

The biological cause of schizophrenia has never before been described. Please watch this impressive video and open your minds to a new understanding of mental illness and schizophrenia, and why there can now be a cure for this terrible disease. Film is narrated in English with English sub-titles where Spanish language is heard.

Growing Evidence of BEAM Surgery as a Cure for Schizophrenia

Carlos after surgery

Carlos – 72-hours after BEAM Surgery

Each Week, Dr. Jose R Mackliff, founder of BEAM Procedure, performs one to three surgeries on the adrenal medulla glands of patients with schizophrenia.  The patients experience an almost immediate elimination of the symptoms of schizophrenia and recover completely over a period of one to three years. Antipsychotic drugs are reduced and gradually eliminated in many of the cases over a year’s time. Dr. Mackliff doesn’t make the claim of a ‘Cure for schizophrenia’, but the families of those who had schizophrenia, do.

The latest case study video posted on is of Carlos, a 28-year-old Ecuadorian man, who had paranoid schizophrenia for eight years before having the BEAM procedure for schizophrenia in May of 2017. In the two videos, Dr. Jose Mackliff interviews Carlos and his parents both before, and 72-hours after the surgery. Mackliff demonstrates the miraculous improvement in Carlos’s cognitive abilities after just three days following the BEAM surgery.

Dr. Mackliff continues to film the BEAM surgeries of consenting patients, and they continue to be posted on this site. Please contact Dr. Mackliff in English or Spanish, directly at to discuss your case.

My Advice to Parents with Children with Schizophrenia


Dear Parents,

You are all in my heart while writing the Conclusion for my film, A Life Worth Living – Solution to Schizophrenia.


(Suzanne speaking with photo of her putting flowers in vase at son’s gravesite with her back to audience. Music softly in background.) 3 minutes

If this film saves one child’s life or averts one tragic outcome, I will be profoundly grateful. My story is your story but your child’s story is still unfolding. If your child has been diagnosed as having schizophrenia or you are wondering if your loved one is schizophrenic, it is important to seek help.  Starting treatment as soon as possible may significantly improve your child’s chances to heal and resume a life worth living.

Learn about Dr Mackliff’s research and the positive results from his B.E.A.M. surgery, a viable treatment option for schizophrenia that helps patients return to a constructive, happy life. Review Dr. Mackliff’s case studies, hear the inspiring stories of his patients’ recoveries, and learn about their improved quality of life. For example, Carlos, a young man who suffered from hallucinations and delusions, after having the B.E.A.M. surgery, is now free of these symptoms.

Mackliff’s efforts have been primarily self-funded and fueled by his incredible devotion. He has pioneered and perfected this scientific method over a period of 30 years, with careful research and follow-up observation of his patients.

If you choose this option, please understand that full recovery can take one to three years, and needs family support, with gradual reduction of antipsychotics. Consider contacting Dr. Mackliff in Ecuador for an evaluation.  See if your child improves using a lower, safer dosage of antipsychotic drugs. A prescription from Dr. Mackliff in Ecuador can be filled by a psychiatrist in the U.S.

(These actions appear on screen; possibly scroll one at a time while Suzanne says them.)

Act immediately.  You do not have time to hesitate. This disease progresses rapidly.

Begin exploring your child’s options.

Don’t let your child drift into isolation.

I urge you to really listen to your child with your heart open, to be sensitive to your child’s concerns and fears.

Tell them over and over that you believe in their ability to heal, to find happiness, yet acknowledge their suffering;

They are in a dark passage with many challenges.

Tell them again and again that your love for them is unconditional and that you will help them find their way into the light.

May your efforts be guided by love, not fear.


Antipsychotics’ Dangerous Side-Effects that the Drug Industry minimizes or doesn’t Disclose


Risperdal (risperidone). Risperdal was the first of the atypicals that could be used without weekly blood work. It works on both the dopamine and serotonin systems of neurotransmitters. Possible side effects include weight gain, sedation, tremors, muscle stiffness, low blood pressure, dizziness, insomnia, and anxiety. There have been some reports of tardive dyskinesia in patients taking risperidone. Usually the side effect medicine, Cogentin (benztropine), is prescribed to help with side effects of stiffness, restlessness, and muscle rigidity. Too much benztropine can cause a “spacey” feeing and trouble thinking. It is important to take the prescribed dose and only when symptoms of muscle rigidity appear. My son had two drug reactions to risperidone caused by self-dosing and not having the side effect medicine available while having muscle stiffness and tremors.

Adverse Reaction Reports Filed with the US FDA: There have been 12,883 adverse reactions reported to the US FDA in connection with Risperdal (risperidone). The FDA estimates that less than 1 percent of all serious events are ever reported to it, so the actual number of side effects occurring is most certainly higher.

635 cases of weight increase

532 cases of death

467 cases of diabetes mellitus

443 cases of attempted suicide

438 cases of somnolence

384 cases of drug being ineffective

370 cases of aggression

364 cases of neuroleptic malignant syndrome (a life-threatening neurological disorder)

343 cases of extrapyramidal disorder (movement syndromes)

Seroquel (quetiapine). Seroquel is another newer antipsychotic medication. Doctors originally recommended that patients taking it have special eye examinations, because an animal study showed that beagles taking high doses developed cataracts. At this time, there has been no report of any human developing cataracts from the drug. Possible side effects include sedation, memory problems, upset stomach, and agitation. I would add flattened emotions and akinesia to this list of side effects. Seroquel is used to control the mood swings in affective and schizoaffective disorders.

Seroquel Drug Warnings:

There have been multiple drug regulatory agency warnings from four countries (United States, Canada, Australia, and South Africa).

Three warnings on Seroquel causing death or increased risk of death

Three warnings on Seroquel causing withdrawal reactions

Three warnings on Seroquel causing blood disorders

Two warnings on Seroquel causing diabetes

Two warnings on Seroquel causing weight gain/ obesity

Two warnings on Seroquel causing suicidal behavior or ideation

Two warnings on Seroquel causing birth defects

Two warnings on Seroquel causing involuntary movements

Two warnings on Seroquel causing strokes

Two warnings on Seroquel causing heart problems


There are many other, newer atypical antipsychotic medicines coming out. A total of thirty or more exist on the drug market today. Many have short testing cycles (six to ten months) and are released before being thoroughly tested at different doses. There have been several recent studies done evaluating the effectiveness of antipsychotics weighed against the side effects of using them.

The antipsychotics my son was on created his state of malaise and apathy, and furthermore, they diminished his sex drive and ability to maintain a relationship with his girlfriend. My definite belief is that Marco should have been weaned off of the antipsychotics and had the BEAM intervention surgery done early in his illness. I believe that the psychiatrist that Marco was seeing deterred him from pursuing the BEAM treatment by telling him it would make him simple. The psychiatrist knew nothing about BEAM and the success of the people who have had the treatment.

The BEAM Procedure for schizophrenia works hand in hand with psychiatrist prescribed antipsychotics after the surgery at reduced dosages and gradually reduces their use altogether.