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I wrote a book, co-authored by Dr. Mackliff, and made a documentary film on Dr. Mackliff and the BEAM Procedure. We would like to bring our discoveries to the world and let people know that there is another treatment option in dealing with Schizophrenia. In order to do so, we need extra resources and finances to improve and market the film and the book through film festivals, film showings and advertising. Can you help us to save lives and restore “lives worth living” for so many people? Any amount can help us to reach our goal. You can find us at

Posting from BEAM Patient

UPDATE: The following is a post posted on Schizophrenia Caregivers blog today, March 11th with Dr. Mackliff’s and my comments:

My son had BEAM surgery 2,5 years ago. I think recovery rates are not accurate. Because he did not recover yet . And I spoke with that Man who had catatonic schizophrenia. He recovered 50%, he is normal on medication. But he was not able reduce doses now he had surgery 7 years ago. He can not leave medication because symptoms come back. He is on same amount of medication, as he was taken before surgery. I spoke with him myself. This lady that had surgery at 40 I spoke with her sister, she told me her sister fully recovered. Regarding my son, he had improvements but that’s about it. He is on high doses of meds, and nothing else happen. He is same with symptoms as before surgery. Now it’s been 2,5 years after surgery. Dr. Mackliff sad he has those people who recovered, and all his patient recover, not true. My son is still same. Recovery rates are not accurate in the book and on web site. There are other people who did not recover after surgery.

Comment by Dr. J R Mackliff:

Schizophrenia plus BEAM equals total success

Schizophrenic patients who suffer from another associated disorder, such as mental retardation, epilepsy, childhood sexual abuse, chronic toxic addiction, head injury, schizophrenic dementia and severe personality disorder only get an improvement, because they have suffered severe mental impairment.

Comment by author of site:

I’m the person with the website representing BEAM and I interviewed Daniel and Narcisa. I spoke with him four years after his surgery, and he told me that his life was normal then. Since writing my website, I have communicated with three persons who said the surgery was not successful for their children. Daniel had also told me that it took three years to recover. Since he was catatonic and not able to do anything, his current life is a big improvement. Perhaps the scale for “normal” is different after BEAM surgery and starts lower based on symptoms before surgery.
Dr. Mackliff doesn’t use the word “cure”, he says that the BEAM surgery eliminates the symptoms of schizophrenia. There are a lot of testimonials on my and Dr. Mackliff’s sites that attest to a complete recovery and large change in quality of life. There are phone numbers and contact information on several of the testimonials. I can send you some also. Perhaps, my website is too slanted toward the ones who did recover. I try to print other experiences in my blog, as I will with your blog entry.
Thank you for communicating your experience,
Suzanne Patterson
This is a continuation to my previous email. My understanding of the BEAM process is that it changes one of the causes of schizophrenia; that is, too much adrenaline produced due to the stress of schizophrenia. In this way, the person doesn’t go back to how they were before the surgery. Also, there are degrees of functionality with schizophrenia, and perhaps these affect the outcome after the surgery. The patients who wrote the testimonials were in a desperate situation, and received great relief from
their symptoms after surgery.
To say that Dr. Mackliff is only interested in making money is very unfair. He is passionate about relieving the suffering of those with schizophrenia and committed himself to 40 years of research to come up with a solution. This was entirely self-funded since research on schizophrenia is only funded by the drug industry which has no interest in healing psych-somatic illnesses. I met Mackliff and was very impressed by both his compassion and professionalism. That is why I am a proponent of BEAM and continue to make his work known in North America.
Suzanne Patterson

Manic Phase of Bi-polar is Schizophrenia

Recently Dr. Mackliff was asked if BEAM Procedure could improve the lives of those diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder. Dr. Mackliff said that the manic phase of bi-polar disorder is schizophrenia. When accurately diagnosed it is schizoaffective disorder; the same type of schizophrenia my son was diagnosed with.

People with bi-polar disorder should contact Dr. Mackliff by email to discuss their symptoms with him and to know if BEAM surgery would work for them. The doctor can be contacted at

Schizophrena, a Functional Disorder of the Brain


Schizophrenia is a functional disorder of the balance of hormones in the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Thyroid-Adrenal axis (HPTA) in the brain stem and glucose regulation. Both of these critical imbalances cause cerebral dopamine to become unregulated. Too much dopamine floods the limbic region and too little (Parkinson disease) enters other regions of the brain.

Just like the girl in “Brain on Fire” who suffered a rare auto-immune disorder in the brain, people with schizophrenia suffer mechanical disruptions to the normal functioning of the brain.

“It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.” I want to cry out to my son and to your sons and daughters with this disease. You have to send this message to them and lead them to the cure – BEAM surgery in Ecuador. Emphasize that it is not a surgery of the brain, but a surgery on the adrenal medulla glands above the two kidneys that regulates dopamine production and normalizes the symptoms of schizophrenia almost immediately after the surgery. This is a miracle treatment based on 40 years of careful and scientific research into what causes schizophrenia and what cures it.

Why is this disease only available in Ecuador and not in the more developed countries such as the United States? Because the motivation to cure this disease and relieve suffering was not profitable. Dr. Jose Mackliff’s research was entirely self-funded and entirely based on relieving the suffering of his schizophrenic patients from the beginning. He retained hope even when there was no reason for hope. He pushed through to a solution to schizophrenia.

How to Convince your Child to try BEAM

Dr. Jose Mackliff & BEAM

A person with schizophrenia cannot make the decision to have the BEAM surgery. The family has to make the decision and direct the person to have the surgery.

The best way to convince a person to try BEAM is to thoroughly understand it yourself. My book simplifies it; also posts on this website. BEAM works because there is a known cause of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is caused by an imbalance in hormones in the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Thyroid-Adrenal (HPTA) arc in the brain stem. When the hormones are imbalanced, a disruption in glucose-regulation occurs. This causes a malfunction in the cerebral distribution of dopamine. Too much dopamine is released into the limbic region of the brain.

Because too much adrenaline is produced in a schizophrenic person, adrenaline is blocked from reaching the HPTA arc and an imbalance occurs. and results in a disruption of glucose regulation.  When blood adrenaline is blocked 100% through the BEAM surgery, the brain compensates and produces nor-adrenaline in sufficient quantities to reach the HPTA arc, and glucose is regulated. After BEAM surgery cerebral dopamine is distributed in the correct amount and the symptoms of schizophrenia are almost immediately eliminated a few days after the surgery.

Testimonials from people who have had the surgery in 2018 are on blog posts on this site, with contact information. There is also a Testimonials Page on my site with many testimonials.

The evidence for BEAM is 100% there. It is scientifically based and proven over 200 successful surgeries to be the only treatment that cures schizophrenia.

One patient,  Anabelle, with a case study video in my film told me, “When I was 21, I wanted to take my life. Then my aunt contacted me saying she had learned about a treatment for schizophrenia that was curing the disease. I felt that I would rather die trying than not to try at all.”

Tell that to your child. To try it. It can only help and has no side effects. What is the alternative – to continue to live a life not worth living? Tell them that the treatment will get them off of antipsychotic drugs completely within one year and for that year put them on a much lower dose with one or two pills, not 13 or more prescribed by psychiatrists. All of their talents, personality characteristics and education before schizophrenia will be restored.

How to Convince your Family Member of BEAM


Dr. Jose Mackliff and BEAM Surgery

To convince the money lender of the necessity of this surgery, I would refer them to the documentary film on my website and the blog archive testimonials. I would ask them to call the four people (Americans) who have taken their sons and daughters for the surgery in 2018. That information is in my blog archives. I would have them call me with their questions and concerns. Having the BEAM surgery is a matter of life or death for a person with schizophrenia. You should be relentless in your efforts to convince your parent or friend to fund this procedure. They should also email Dr. Mackliff at

Review the testimonials on my site and on You can buy a copy of my book, co-authored by Dr. Mackliff on Amazon. A Life Worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia.


Persevere against All Odds, because the BEAM surgery works to eliminate the Symptoms of Schizophrenia.

Keep persevering to bring your loved one to this miraculous surgery. Scientifically based on more than 30 years of self funded research by psychiatrist and scientist Dr. Jose Romeo Mackliff, it now has a history of eliminating schizophrenia in over 200 patients from around the world.

Please purchase my book, only $5.00 on Amazon Kindle, and educate yourself on how BEAM works to cure schizophrenia. A Life Worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia.