Mother from Chili, May 2017

Dear Doctor,

You will not believe me, but yesterday we remembered you and I told my sister that I was going to write to tell you the positive evolution of my son Paulo.

With great joy I tell you that Paulo has evolved in an extraordinary way, especially in the last 3 months. Practically this normal, passed the fears, the insecurities, the constant depression that maintained, is totally autonomous, works, shares, talks, goes out with his friends and acts like a normal person. I dare say he has achieved a 95% recovery. His doctor has eliminated the Azymol, has lowered the Quetiapina and soon will begin to lower the Depurol. I hope in God that he continues to evolve further to continue to reduce the medications, but with all that he has recovered, I can have the peace of mind that he will be able to fend for himself when his parents are no longer with him.

Again express my deepest thanks to you and Dr. Sanchez and tell you that I receive emails from people who consult for the experience of this surgery, of course my recommendations are in favor of this method and the prestigious experience of doctors Who carry it out.

Finally I regret that Pablo Ucha did not have the same fate as my son in terms of recovery, but this is the procedure, not everyone favors them in the same way.

We send our most sincere affections from Chile

Flora Alvarado, Chili

Dr. Mackliff’s letter to Flora explaining about the case of Pablo.

Dear friend

Ing. Flora Alvarrado

I would like to know how you are there in Calbulco.

I am particularly interested in knowing how Paulo is and what his general state of health is.

I only knew for Pablo Ucha that you had talked with his mother, and we are lamenting that this case is particularly under obsessive symptoms that were not eliminated with the operation.

I say goodbye, I wish the best for your family and I look forward to your kind answer.

Dr Jose Mackliff

Testimony of Olga Meraz

My name is Olga Meraz, and I want sincerely and wholeheartedly to give a testimony. We have come to Guayaquil, Ecuador, with our daughter Melissa who sadly had suffered from chronic schizophrenia for about 12 years. On the day April 19, 2016, Dr. Jose Mackliff made a wonderful surgery for our daughter, with immediate results in her favor. My daughter had many changes in her person. Like you who have a relative with schizophrenia, you know what I mean, and those who do not know that symptoms patients suffer summarize them quickly, have bipolar disorder, mood swings, aggressiveness, irritation, stress, depression, and among many the saddest wish of violating their own life. I want to tell you that lately Melissa laughed alone and with much more frequency. Her gaze often unpleasant. and especially much insomnia has stopped. First let me say that I thank you very much to God first, and then to Dr Mackliff for this so fabulous Surgery, where changes are immediate and where no doubt that our daughter and family will start a fresh new life with very good quality. I do not want to miss mentioning the excellent treatment by doctors and clinic staff where the surgery was performed, without encouraging you to contact Dr. Mackliff that like us to help you with all our heart. I bid you farewell but not before leaving you my phone number to call us and trust to contact us with  any questions gladly help 619-548-98 -30. a hug and a thousand benedictions.



Subject: My testimony

Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2015 18:00:10 + 0000

Dear Dr. Mackliff;

I traveled to the beautiful city of Guayaquil to be motivated by a great hope that was the recovery of my son who suffers from schizophrenia paranoid and today, 15 days since the intervention of BEAM surgery, I return to my country (Chile), more hopeful.

In this short period of time I already observe in my son the positive effects of the intervention: the expression in his face is now what waslost many years ago, his eyes radiate life, he is cheerful, motivated, eager to succeed, talks much more than before and his social behaviour has improved also. These conditions not had been possible to retrieve with the medication he has been on for seven years.

I am sure that if we follow each and every one of your recommendations, my son will recover his health and will win this battle.

I want you to post my experience on your web page, so that my testimony can help other people to make the decision to have  this procedure that is effective and that can improve the lives of thousands of people who suffer from this malady. It is a definitive solution to this disease.

I felt very honored to have known both you and Dr. Sánchez; Both make up a unique medical team and I feel that the world of medicine is unfair to you since they are not able to recognize the enormous contribution to humanity that you have achieved with your research and now the EBMA surgery.

I can not finish my testimony without saying that what has caught my attention is the vocation of service, humility and medical wisdom and life I found in you and Dr. Sanchez.  Today it is very difficult to find these characteristics in people as materialism prevails as the universal power in this world.

I give you my email address so that people who want to contact me can with confidence;

Infinitely grateful, I leave monentarily but I will continue informing you hereby on the recovery of my child

Mother of Paulo

Calbuco – Chile

Carmen Duchi

My dear DR JOSE Mackliff,

We salute you from the Canton Beaches. Please receive a cordial and affectionate greeting from the husband and daughter of your patient Carmen Duchi. While we thank God for giving us the opportunity to know Dr. Mackliff as a professional in the field of specialized medicine in INTERNAL MEDICINE AND PSYCHIATRY, and you personally, distinguished and honorable doctor, and all of your team and methods that enable this major surgery. By serving others, Dr. Mackliff with vocation and love and his great knowledge and experience in surgery for Parkinson and Schizophrenia, has given us a great hope for restored health and life in our family.

As a child I share this testimony of my life living with Parkinson disease. Seven years ago, my mother began to suffer from Parkinson’s disease. As time passed the symptoms were constant; leg pain, headache, depression, memory loss, speech and vision, unsteady balance and stiffness in the muscles throughout the body. She began relying on others, because she could not eat alone, dragged her feet to walk, and fell from one side to another.

After going to different doctors, we had no hope of improvement and when the symptoms presented their strongest, the whole family felt desperate anguish from the changes in our social life together. With the blessing of God, we found out through the internet about Dr. Mackliff who specialized in this terrible disease. It was by this means that we contacted Dr. JOSE Mackliff who was the only doctor in our country who had developed a surgical process called EBMA along with the best urologist, DR. Oscar Sanchez, in the country.

We went to his office to begin the treatment for my mom. She was operated on November 19, 2015 and with this great intervention four days after the surgery, she started walking alone and already has two and a half months with the great changes such as walking normally, repositions herself to sleep, is able to get up quickly from bed, and eats with less difficulty. The rigidity of her body, especially in the arms face and spinal column, are gone.

We feel that God gave the family the decision to give our mother the EBMA operation.

Infinitely grateful, I leave. I hereby continue to report on the recovery of my dear mother.

My phones are 0981946484 to 0986469727.

Daughter of Carmen Duchi

25 Year Old American Woman

I spoke with a young 25 year old woman who had left her number under Testimonials on the “BEAM”* website, I was very excited to hear her story; she was the first person in the United States who had had the B.E.A.M. procedure. This was the story she told me.

It started when I was 14 years old. I suffered severe depression and started doing abnormal things. After a while I couldn’t function at all, not even to take a shower. I was treated at Kaiser, and they diagnosed me as bi-polar with psychotic episodes. I was put on one medication after another. but nothing relieved my sickness. I continued under medical care through Kaiser until 2010.

When I turned 21 in 2010, I felt hopeless and wanted to kill myself; I prayed to God to send me a treatment. Curiously, my aunt called me about two weeks later and told me that she had watched a special on Univision, the Mexican cable channel, where a doctor from Ecuador talked about a treatment for both Parkinsons disease and Schizophrenia. It was new and revolutionary, but had gotten good results in the patients who had tried the procedure. The patients gradually reduced their dosages of anti-psychotics over one year and after that discontinued the medicines. Although there were many successes with Parkinsons, he had only done the treatment on a few patients with Schizophrenia. All of those patients were successful in getting off of anti-psychotic medicines and experienced a great reduction in the behaviors they had with Schizophrenia.

I was elated hearing this news, and I knew I would rather die trying than not try at all. I called Dr. MacKliff, and he told me that the diagnosis I received from Kaiser was not a real diagnosis. He said that I had schizophrenia and should come to Ecuador as soon as possible to have the BEAM procedure. I was the seventh patient with Schizophrenia that he operated on. The entire procedure and recovery period under the supervision of Dr. MacKliff cost my family $22,000. This included our travel expenses to go to Ecuador.

After only two days, I felt at peace and the possibility of becoming normal again. I was so completely different than how I was before having the procedure.

I asked her how her life was now and if she was able to care for her six year old daughter.

I am completely independent and self supporting. I am the supervisor of a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise near my home. I go to college at night taking nutrition classes. My daughter lives at home with me and my parents. I am able to do everything normally and am not on any medication.

I thank God everyday for sending me this treatment.

21 Year Old Man in Equador – Sergio

The case of Sergio (April 2012)
Age: 21 yrs. Lives in Mexicale, Baja California. A patient with 7 years of schizophrenia. He’s been institutionalized in 5 different occasions (two-three months) due to severe aggressiveness episodes.

High level of apathy and lack of motivation (past 4 years)
For the past year he defecates and urinates in diaper
During 18 months he doesn’t speak to relatives, he just screams and walks in the nude in the house
His encephalogram revealed a brain disrythmia.

Sergio’s medication before the surgery was: Clozapine-valproato. Topiramato-risperidone. Without any changes in the symptomatology for years.

April 3rd,2012 – first consultation in Guayaquil, Ecuador
Sergio couldn’t answer any question, his head was low, looking at the floor. Few minutes after the appointment started, he kicked the desk – interrupting the examination.

On April 6th, 2012, he underwent B.E.A.M procedure
Two days after surgery (April 8th) the patient started to talk to the Dr. and his own relatives – engaging in conversation -, asked to go to the bathroom, and was able to defecate and urinate by himself. The family and relatives expressed their amazement with his 48 hour recovery
At the present time, Sergio lives with his family. He is constantly displaying his good mood, helps his mother at home, runs errands, and accompanies her. . His actual treatment: Clozapine 200mg and Sodic valproate 200mg – in lesser dosage than pre-BEAM

In all of the schizophrenia cases, immediately after the surgery a recovery of the deficitarian symptoms is evident; sociability is notably improved and 8 days after surgery, relatives can observe the difference in conduct and adaptability, characteristics that the patient was lacking. Overall it is after 3 to 4 months when the recovery is compelling. These changes can only be obtained with the surgery.

Among the most common questions that families and physicians have is whether this surgery can make a person develop Addison’s disease. Addison originates when the adrenal cortex tissue is damaged. B.E.A.M. does not go that far, it only works on the adrenal medulla, thus leaving the kidney untouched. People are often concerned also, on whether the patient will remain “slow”(no alertness) since adrenaline is diminished. The surgery does block the main source of adrenaline, but it is generated in lesser amounts by other alternate means in our system, adrenaline is replaced by noradrenaline and cortisol, where the brain/hypothalamus will take on the producer role, since the suprarenal no longer creates it. B.E.A.M is a surgery of a regulatory nature. Since 2.006, up until now, none of the cases treated, show collateral side-effects.

Another concern is that If the patient will need Cortisol to be administered after B.E.A.M. in a frequent manner. B.E.A.M. does not touch the adrenal cortex, where cortisol is produced; it only reaches for the adrenal marrow. With all the cases that underwent B.E.A.M., and the actual experience that is now re-writing medicine, there is now hard evidence in regards to the safety of this surgery and its benefits.

From the B.E.A.M. Website

Dear Dr Jose Mackliff

With this letter, I´d like to tell you about Narcisa, who is a patient with chronic schizophrenia, she´s had this illness for 25 years. She had severe delusions that did not allow her to do anything, she was deteriorating severely. She was operated on December 9 / 2011, to this time her delusions have disappeared, specially her fear of being next to other people, and I tell you she is working normally and leading a new life. Now I truly believe this couldn´t have happened just with the medication – for 25 years , we have been to every doctor without any viable solution. Medication that only kept her sedated. Nowadays she adapting to life normally like any of us. It is for this reason that today I want to give you a big THANK YOU to you Dr MAckliff and to all the team that work with you, that allowed my sister a second chance.

The Family

Wilfredo Cordoba – Peru

Dr Mackliff, a few lines to let you know about my son, Jayro who was operated on June 14 / 2014. His recovery is favorable since he is already attending his music lessons in the afternoon three times a week, also he is helping in the mornings in our store with price tags and checking invoices. He has improved a lot, he has not had the crisis like he used to before the surgery. He is no longer in a bad mood and violent, what still remains is a little bit of fear. I Pray to God that he fully recovers since on the 14th it would be 2 months since the surgery. Dr if you have any suggestions for my son, please let me know

Best Regards
Wilfredo Cordova Ruiz

Tuly Bucheli

Dr Mackliff we want to let you know that the terrible symptoms of chronic Schizophrenia of Tuly, subsided after a few months from the surgery. Tuly was operated on June 2007 and from then on she lives a normal life with us, inside the family group. We want to thank you for your professional services that allowed to improve my daughter´s quality of life, which seemed impossible with medication over the years

Tuly´s mom
Lavinnia Bonnia de Bucheli

Dear Dr. Mackliff:
To inform you how my son Sergio Alejandro has evolved after the BEAM surgery on April 7/2012. His symptoms were: visual and audio hallucinations, he would see and hear things that would scare him and that would make him run without apparent motive, anxiety, and aggressiveness (he would destroy furniture, he wanted to choke me and my daughter several times), he had no sphincter control, he had to wear diapers, he would only answer yes/no, he did not was very painful for our family. After the surgery he started going to the bathroom by himself, and little by little he started walking into reality again, and all of this is disappearing. He is now taking guitar lessons, plays soccer, and is attending a short program to finish high school. I Hope this testimony is helpful to new patients.

Our best Regards
Emilia Acosta

To whom It may concern,

Hi. I am Annabel Chavarría. By means of this letter I want to share my experience. On April 2010 I was operated in Guayaquil, Ecuador for my symptoms of schizophrenia by the famed ecuadorean Psychiatrist Dr. Jose Romeo Mackliff. The surgery on me had extraordinary and fabulous results, and due to that fact I am completely normal in my everyday life.

I am currently attending Metro State University for my major in nutrition, at the same time, I work for the fast food restaurant franchise, KFC – Kentucky fried Chicken at 4740, Bromley Lane in Brighton, Colorado where I work as a supervisor. To this day I consider myself a productive and very successful person; but it wasn´t always like this

Before my surgery, I was completely ill, and couldn´t function as a normal person, who works, studies, and takes care of her daughter; and sometimes, I couldn´t even take care of myself. Things that I do now effortlessly. When I was ill, my thoughts were so terrible and strong that I was impossible for me to go back to normality. I couldn´t think right. Now, I am totally grateful with Dr. Mackliff since my life changed, and I feel reborn. I wish this surgery can be performed in the United States so that many people that are ill can be saved. I want to let you know that If you need any information from me, you can contact me directly. My phone number is 720-569-6368

Annabel Chavarría

Jose Mackliff

I presented catatonic schizophrenia at 21 years of age in 2005. My symptoms were that ideas came to my mind all the time, and heard voices. This was during the first few months, until one day I showed certain catatonic state, and with my mother we went to see my boss at work, who was a psychologist and she suggested that we go see a psychiatrist since she found me rigid.

After many tests, the physician that took care of me at the social security determined I had catatonic schizophrenia, from then on we continued treatment at the Psychiatric hospital

By 2007 I had a relapse, the symptoms that I had at the beginning came back. Then in 2010, later in 2011 I had other relapses that I was able to overcome.

At the beginning of 2012 I read in the newspaper about Dr. Mackliff and the solution to my disease from a surgery. We contacted him and on June 5, 2012, thanks to the Lord, I was able to have my surgery.

Few months after my surgery I have seen my improvement; symptoms have almost dissappeared, only rarely I felt that sensation in my skin that appeared a year after the surgery. Right now I feel well. I am studying the first semester in the career of information networks in an institute here in Guayaquil, with the treatment of Dr. Mackliff

I thank you doctor for your treatment and, after the Lord you have been the solution to my disease, my family and I thank you forever

Danny Carchi

Danny Carchi´s  cell phone  593 992051515

Danny´s Mother (Roberta Burgos) cell phone  593 986555677I

Dr. Mackliff, 

greetings from your patient Sergio Alejandro, just to let you know that I am doing well, feeling healthy and writing you from my computer, which now I can operate it well and can play games in it. I am having guitar classes and trying to pass my test in order to get my diploma in school. I study one asignature a month, and I do physical exercise twice a week.

Sergio Alejandro