Schizophrenia Solution in Ecuador Fund-Raiser

I wrote a book, co-authored by Dr. Mackliff, and made a documentary film on Dr. Mackliff and the BEAM Procedure. We would like to bring our discoveries to the world and let people know that there is another treatment option in dealing with Schizophrenia. In order to do so, we need extra resources and finances to improve and market the film and the book through film festivals, film showings and advertising. Can you help us to save lives and restore “lives worth living” for so many people? Any amount can help us to reach our goal. You can find us at

2 thoughts on “Schizophrenia Solution in Ecuador Fund-Raiser

  1. THere was patient Karmen she had surgery for Parkinson 3 years ago. As for today she is disabled 90%. Her sons number+593 98-646-9727. It is number from referencies that you have in this blog. She did not recover. She was declining she got worse. They just gave comments after surgery. I am asking truly please tell recovery rates. How many people do not recover. As you know my son is worse almost 3 years after surgery. And he has no other conditions


  2. Please answer. Did you speak with 200 patients that Dr. Mackliff had. Did they all recover??? I think you did not. You spoke with few, it helped some. Truly there are maybe 10-20 people who did spoke out. They had good outcome. But this is minority. I think the rest had no effect. Because this is what happen to us. And it is obvious if those 200 don’t speak up, maybe results after surgery are not so impressive. I think we should be worned Before surgery that it might wound help. At least I would just take risk and do it without having much expectations. And now it is just a crash because we were promised that this surgery eliminates symptoms to the point when medication is not needed. But the opposite happen, he declined. A year ago he was taking 1 pill, now 7 different pill. That how much he got worse in one year


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