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UPDATE: The following is a post posted on Schizophrenia Caregivers blog today, March 11th with Dr. Mackliff’s and my comments:

My son had BEAM surgery 2,5 years ago. I think recovery rates are not accurate. Because he did not recover yet . And I spoke with that Man who had catatonic schizophrenia. He recovered 50%, he is normal on medication. But he was not able reduce doses now he had surgery 7 years ago. He can not leave medication because symptoms come back. He is on same amount of medication, as he was taken before surgery. I spoke with him myself. This lady that had surgery at 40 I spoke with her sister, she told me her sister fully recovered. Regarding my son, he had improvements but that’s about it. He is on high doses of meds, and nothing else happen. He is same with symptoms as before surgery. Now it’s been 2,5 years after surgery. Dr. Mackliff sad he has those people who recovered, and all his patient recover, not true. My son is still same. Recovery rates are not accurate in the book and on web site. There are other people who did not recover after surgery.

Comment by Dr. J R Mackliff:

Schizophrenia plus BEAM equals total success

Schizophrenic patients who suffer from another associated disorder, such as mental retardation, epilepsy, childhood sexual abuse, chronic toxic addiction, head injury, schizophrenic dementia and severe personality disorder only get an improvement, because they have suffered severe mental impairment.

Comment by author of site:

I’m the person with the website representing BEAM and I interviewed Daniel and Narcisa. I spoke with him four years after his surgery, and he told me that his life was normal then. Since writing my website, I have communicated with three persons who said the surgery was not successful for their children. Daniel had also told me that it took three years to recover. Since he was catatonic and not able to do anything, his current life is a big improvement. Perhaps the scale for “normal” is different after BEAM surgery and starts lower based on symptoms before surgery.
Dr. Mackliff doesn’t use the word “cure”, he says that the BEAM surgery eliminates the symptoms of schizophrenia. There are a lot of testimonials on my and Dr. Mackliff’s sites that attest to a complete recovery and large change in quality of life. There are phone numbers and contact information on several of the testimonials. I can send you some also. Perhaps, my website is too slanted toward the ones who did recover. I try to print other experiences in my blog, as I will with your blog entry.
Thank you for communicating your experience,
Suzanne Patterson
This is a continuation to my previous email. My understanding of the BEAM process is that it changes one of the causes of schizophrenia; that is, too much adrenaline produced due to the stress of schizophrenia. In this way, the person doesn’t go back to how they were before the surgery. Also, there are degrees of functionality with schizophrenia, and perhaps these affect the outcome after the surgery. The patients who wrote the testimonials were in a desperate situation, and received great relief from
their symptoms after surgery.
To say that Dr. Mackliff is only interested in making money is very unfair. He is passionate about relieving the suffering of those with schizophrenia and committed himself to 40 years of research to come up with a solution. This was entirely self-funded since research on schizophrenia is only funded by the drug industry which has no interest in healing psych-somatic illnesses. I met Mackliff and was very impressed by both his compassion and professionalism. That is why I am a proponent of BEAM and continue to make his work known in North America.
Suzanne Patterson

4 thoughts on “Posting from BEAM Patient

  1. Now I have question. What is difference between “Eliminating Symptoms” verses “ Cure“. Cure is full recovery. What do you mean by stating Eliminating symptoms? Does it mean life on medications, never removing medication, because if Do thaT, symptoms do come back. Correct? And still did not get what kind recovery this surgery provides. In My understanding it supposed give medication free recovery. Again my son does not have any of listed conditions. But it did not happen. Nothing happen. There are more people like me, having same Issue while their children do not have listed above conditions


  2. I never stated anything about money. It’s never been about money. Health is priceless. I just want his health back. Before surgery we were told that my son will have take meds for a year and then he does not need to. That all patients go through same process and surgery is secured. However, nothing happen, above of all he got worse. And I repeat he does not have mental retardation, epilepsy , traumas, Eddictions, dementia, sexual abuse, no drugs in his life. So where is symptoms elimination, or any kind of recovery.


  3. Also in the book it clearly states “ beam eliminates schizophrenia symptoms, and medication can gradually be reduced and eliminated” After BEAM patients recover to the point where medication is no longer needed.
    If this is not a statement for a “CURE”?
    I did not invent those words. Those your words.
    In our case it did not happen. My son is worse. And he does not have other conditions. So why things are the way they are.?


  4. To all my complaints I want to add. I do not want to discourage anyone from doing BEAM surgery. It is opposite. Please if you suffer this illness do that surgery. There is no treatment exist. BEAM did help other people. My friend’s son did this surgery. He did recover fully. He is not taking medication. That lady recovered to, from Ecuador. So Dr. Mackliff has patients who did recover, fully. They are normal. And do not take medication. I really have no idea what is going on with my son. The only thing I ask. Please those who did this surgery share your experience. Please maybe I will know what to expect.


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