9 thoughts on “This post has been removed.

    1. And the conclusion to this is, that this regression is permanent. Correct, recovery will not come after that. So to destroy any effect of surgery will take any small mistake. Which means fight for recovery is over. The damage that was done by medication is permanent. Correct


  1. And this information was private why you posted it all over the world I do not know. I did not had plan to share it.


  2. Or we just an experiment for you. I think I get to choose with whom share it or not. There are people who had BEAM surgery, who had no electrical disturbance or mental retardation. 4 years after surgery had no effect. Dr. Mackliff has explanation why some cases regress, but he does not explain if it is permanent. And you could ask at list my permission if it is ok to post it. That was the letter addressed to our case. I came to you seeking help, and you made a commercial from our case


  3. Dr. Macliff told us, medication is needed 1 year, after 1 year patients do not take meds. And that what we did. 6 months took lower doses. He never sad that there are many patients who do not recover after 1 year. In matter of fact there are patients who don’t benefit even 4 years after surgery. He sad that every one recovered. It was literally a discovery to us how many patients did not recover. Our case got worse. There is no electrical disbalance, no epilepsy . No mental retardation or drugs .
    The Rates of recovery on your website are not accurate . It is not true that every one 100% were cured. I asked you please remove that post, I don’t know why our personal information is shared, and why you disregard this request.


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