2 thoughts on “BEAM Procedure Explained

  1. My son has paranoid schizophrenia and is adamant that he will not have this surgery because he thinks he needs all the adrenaline he can get to help him get out of bed in the morning and do the things he needs to do. He’s actually quite motivated to the point of being aggressive. As I see it, he has too much adrenaline. I have read your book but could you please tell me how you would address his concern.


  2. Hi Alma
    How long ago your son had surgery?
    I can’t support that BEAM is fraud. My brother had surgery. He did not recover yet, but
    let me describe the benefits we got.
    1. We reduced his medication from 117 Invega injections to 1.25 (1/4 of 5 ml pill) Olanzapine per day. With that dose he is normal.
    2. He became functional, he does everything at home, he starts dressing up nicely.
    This is the improvement after 1,5 years, after BEAM surgery.

    He is still on the medication taking 1.25 Olanzapine. We did try to take him off the meds. He was even normal on 0.685 ml which was 1/8 of the pill.
    But when we took meds completely off symptoms returned with in a week. We do not know why he was ok on 0.685. And without meds completely he did not.

    His symptoms was not as bad, no hospitalization needed, we were able to stop all at home. Had to increase dose though. Most issues was that he ran away from home, and we are scared of that.
    With in a day he recovered on the meds, not as week or a month. Just one day.

    So what I want to say. The surgery helped us tremendously, it is livable now. Much much better. He is functional, and I think now he has a chance in life, hopefully, he will learn in time how to control himself.
    And remember in some cases full recovery takes 3 years.
    And yes he is not fully cured.


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