How to Convince your Family Member of BEAM


Dr. Jose Mackliff and BEAM Surgery

To convince the money lender of the necessity of this surgery, I would refer them to the documentary film on my website and the blog archive testimonials. I would ask them to call the four people (Americans) who have taken their sons and daughters for the surgery in 2018. That information is in my blog archives. I would have them call me with their questions and concerns. Having the BEAM surgery is a matter of life or death for a person with schizophrenia. You should be relentless in your efforts to convince your parent or friend to fund this procedure. They should also email Dr. Mackliff at

Review the testimonials on my site and on You can buy a copy of my book, co-authored by Dr. Mackliff on Amazon. A Life Worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia.


One thought on “How to Convince your Family Member of BEAM

  1. The challenge for us isn’t getting the money together but getting compliance from our son! I have told him we have found a doctor that can help him but he doesn’t believe me. A few months ago he agreed to go to a naturopath that treats with magnets. He went along with it and let me buy some expensive magnets but when we got home he would have nothing to do with the treatment. Now he thinks Dr Mackliff is just another crazy idea of mine! I just keep assuring him there is help but haven’t told him many details yet. At this point if I told him he’s in Ecuador I’m afraid that would be the end of it. I hope I have planted a seed thought and he will ask me more soon.


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