Sharing testimony of recent patient who been submitted to BEAM

I want add one more reference for BEAM procedure, and I am quoting message that I received from patient’s father, whose son was operated  in September 2018:

“ I am very grateful to you for advising me to Dr. Mackliff, I tell him that on September 7th, my son was operated and now we see that the results are extraordinary, sincerely I went to Guayaquil with much hope and fear of failing, but now I feel  that I take the best decision of my life and the life of my son. Thank you very much , may God bless you.”



This family found about the surgery from this website, they are fluent in English, and they want to share their experience with other people who consider this option.  They are from Bolivia, they left contact WattsUP number  +5-917-740-5298

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