Is BEAM Procedure a Cure for Schizophrenia?

Dr. Jose R. Mackliff, patented owner of BEAM Procedure

The BEAM Procedure, developed by Dr. Jose R. Mackliff, Ecuadorian psychiatrist and researcher, is a surgery done on the adrenal medulla glands which has been successfully done on 140 people with schizophrenia from one to 22 years since 2006.

BEAM or bi-lateral electro-coagulation of adrenal medulla eliminates the symptoms of schizophrenia by balancing the hormones in the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Thyroid-Adrenal (HPTA) axis in the brain stem, causing the brain to regulate cerebral dopamine. Schizophrenia is a disease caused by a disruption in the gluco-regulatory system, resulting in unregulated cerebral dopamine.

Dr. Mackliff developed BEAM over 30 years of self-funded research. He was the schizophrenic ward director at Sala San Jose at Lorenzo Ponce Hospital from 1973 to 1986. It was there that he watched his patients for 13 years who never improved and became more apathetic and stressed with additional chronic diseases with each year. The notorious failure of antipsychotic drugs to relieve, even temporarily, the symptoms of schizophrenia motivated him to study the various autonomic questions that arose about the metabolism behind this disease.

Why isn’t BEAM Procedure Known Throughout the World?

BEAM has been presented at three international neuroscience conferences, World Congress of BITs Neurotalk, in 2011, 2015 and again in May 2018. Although recognized as a radically new and promising treatment for schizophrenia, it has not yet been recommended for formalized research funded by international health agencies.

Because the need for antipsychotic drugs is reduced and eventually eliminated after BEAM surgery, BEAM will never be recommended for further research by psychiatric associations around the world, nor by the drug companies that exploit and profit from the vulnerability of people with schizophrenia.

Patients and their families come to BEAM after hearing the testimonials of those who have been cured of schizophrenia after having the BEAM surgery.

It is only the patients and families who have been cured of schizophrenia from the BEAM surgery who can organize and gain force to make the BEAM Procedure known to their medical communities.

It seems it is not Dr. Mackliff’s role to make his treatment known and accepted by the scientific communities around the world in his lifetime.

Blog’s Author

The author of this blog is Suzanne Ayer Patterson, the mother of a 20-year-old boy who was diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder in 2013 and took his life in 2014 after being put on a high dosage of Seroquel, an antipsychotic, for one year by a respected psychiatrist in Marin County. Later, Suzanne would find out that this doctor had been receiving payments for prescribing Seroquel from the drug manufacturer for more than ten years. This is common practice in psychiatry in the United States.

As a way to direct the anguish and suffering from her son’s tragic death, Suzanne began to research schizophrenia, its treatment and the BEAM Procedure for schizophrenia which she had heard about while her son was still alive. She worked actively to make this information and the BEAM surgery known to families around the world with children with schizophrenia. A book co-authored by Dr. Mackliff, a blog and website, and a documentary film resulted from three and 1/2 years of diligent efforts.

This worthwhile work directly resulted in two young American men, age 17 and 28, having the BEAM surgery in Ecuador in January of 2018. They both are now cured of schizophrenia, just three months later, and take no antipsychotic medication. Testimonials from the mothers and a video two days after surgery for one of the boys, can be viewed on

People seeking an understanding of BEAM and how it works should read my book, A Life Worth Living – Schizophrenia Alternative Treatment and watch my documentary film,
A Life Worth Living – Solution to Schizophrenia.  Additional scientific knowledge and case studies can be read in Dr. Mackliff’s medical book in English, Schizophrenia and Parkinson Surgery available on Amazon. Visit the BEAM Procedure website:

You may also contact Dr. Mackliff in English directly by email



9 thoughts on “Is BEAM Procedure a Cure for Schizophrenia?

    1. Dear Tonya,

      Dr. Mackliff can be reached by email in English at You can also call him in a conference call with a translator by contacting me at He will respond within a few days to emails, and is very attentive to inquiries. He will ask you to send the medical records of the person with schizophrenia and provide an evaluation for the surgery.

      You may also contact two American mothers who took their sons for the BEAM surgery last January. Their names and email addresses are below. Dr. Mackliff’s website is Please let Dr. Mackliff know that you found out about him from my website.


      Zuly Zapata

      Suzanne Patterson


      1. I have people who think this a scam when can he come to a safer area for the procedure …why is this the only doctor in the world that does it?


  1. Can you show some respect to those people. Suzanne made great work in writing this book. Dr. Mackliff is the most honest men. No one is trying to deceive anyone. You are giving opportunity to get health back to your child, and get yourself out of turmoil.
    Suzanne many times mentioned why he is the only doctor, and why in US nobody will ever give chance people to recover. They get rich they get good life. While your child suffers, and the rest of the family suffers.
    If you do not like that option this is your choice. Do not do it.
    But please stop disrespect those people.


  2. Dr. Mackliff is from Ecuador, and he discovered this procedure. It was approved by the government in Ecuador. And yes it is legal. Payment options you need to discuss with Dr. Macliff. His phone number +593 99.755.8978, please contact him through WattsUp, it will be free of charge.


  3. My son is against having this procedure because it eliminates 100% of adrenaline and he thinks he needs adrenaline to “get out of bed and go to work “. How do I respond to this? I have read your book and understand it is replaced by noredrenaline but does noreadrenaline function the same as adrenaline?

    Also could you please explain “one to 22 years” in the first paragraph. I’m a little dense but what do those numbers refer to?


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