Cure for Schizophrenia

BEAM Procedure, Bi-lateral Electrocoagulation of Adrenal Medulla


LOS ANGELES, CA – 01/30/2018

A cure for schizophrenia has been found by Dr. Jose R. Mackliff, Ecuadorian psychiatrist and researcher, after 30 years of self-funded research. Beginning in 2006, over 110 patients have eliminated their symptoms of schizophrenia and resumed normal lives after having the BEAM surgery for schizophrenia. These were patients with between one and 22 years of schizophrenia, before having the BEAM treatment.

This marvelous treatment eliminates the production of blood adrenaline and causes the brain to compensate by producing sufficient nor-adrenaline to take on the role of regulating cerebral dopamine.

In patients diagnosed with schizophrenia, adrenaline is released in a delayed fashion, causing daily decreased levels of glycaemia; and causing attacks of uncontrollable anger, hallucinations and highly aggressive behavior.

This surgical procedure, invented by Dr. Mackliff, makes it possible to regulate cerebral dopamine in schizophrenics. When this occurs, the symptoms of schizophrenia disappear almost immediately.

A documentary film, A Life Worth Living – Solution to Schizophrenia produced by Suzanne Ayer Patterson, is now released on YouTube. This 32-minute documentary documents the BEAM Procedure for schizophrenia, the BEAM doctors, how the BEAM surgery works and three case study films filmed by Dr. Mackliff in Ecuador which clearly demonstrate the elimination of the symptoms of schizophrenia 72 hours after surgery and the return to a normal life one and ½ years after surgery.

2 thoughts on “Cure for Schizophrenia

    1. Dear Kristi,
      The way to get this precious surgery for your son is to write to Dr. Mackliff in English and discuss your son’s illness and schedule the surgery which is only done in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Insurance doesn’t cover it, but the surgery is only $10,000. $8,000 in cash for the surgery and $2,000 on credit card for the hospital stay. You’lll need to stay in Guayaquil for minimum 10 days after the surgery for followup care. This can be done in a hotel near Dr. Mackliff’s clinic for $500 for two weeks.

      You can write to Erica and call Zully, two American women who took their sons to Ecuador for the surgery in January 2018. THey can provide many details and answer your questions.
      1. 661.220.0462 Zully whatsapp

      Contact me with any questions after communicating with Dr. Mackliff.

      With Love,

      SUzanne Patterson


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