Letter from Zuly, after son Miguel’s Surgery on January 10th, 2018


Hello Suzanne,

I wanted to let you know how happy we are after Miguel’s surgery, this is a miracle. My son is completely different right after the BEAM procedure  He told me he feels so different without anxiety and very calmed down. He mentioned he sees the world very different. He also told me he wants to return to the university and start a new life. Erika is so surprised by my son’s change, she saw him completely normal. I notice he talks normal not like before as a robot.
Dr. Jose Mackliff is an angel changing the future of many people who suffer schizophrenia and also their families affected by that. Thank you so much for  all your support.
Best regards,

One thought on “Letter from Zuly, after son Miguel’s Surgery on January 10th, 2018

  1. I wanted to share Miguel’s video fresh from the source. Later, English subtitles will be added, and the video added to Patient Case Study Interviews. Miguel’s mom took very good care of him; she helped him to lose 30 pounds gained from antipsychotic drugs; she supported him and took him with her to her university classes, so that he was never alone; she talked to him and really listened to all of his concerns; and mostly, gave him unconditional love. He is a very sweet boy; was warm to me when I visited and trusts his mom implicitly.

    I am very happy for Miguel and his family. I already achieved my aim of having this site, writing a book and making a documentary film which will be on this site, starting Saturday, January 13th, with Miguel’s and the other boy’s success. Both moms are American; Zuly is from Columbia and the other mom is from the Ukraine. People from Latin countries and other countries are not so brainwashed about high doses of antipsychotic drugs being necessary for life, and are more open to more natural treatments. The drug industry would never allow studies on treatments such as BEAM, because the treatment reduces the need for antipsychotic drugs and in many cases, eliminates it after one year’s time. Dr. Mackliff’s 30 years of research was entirely self-funded and is a patented treatment allowed in Ecuador.

    Parents who are interested in learning more about this treatment should watch my documentary film on this site (1-13-18) and go to http://www.beamprocedure.com. They can email Dr. Mackliff in English at drmackliff@beamprocedure.com.


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