Recommendations from Dr. Mackliff, the creator of BEAM Procedure for Schizophrenia

BITs World Congress Neurotalk

Dr. Mackliff presenting BEAM Procedure at the 2015 BIT’s World Congress of Neurotalk

More people are finding out about BEAM Surgery for schizophrenia and are contacting Dr. Mackliff about their loved ones. Two people, through this website, have already scheduled BEAM surgeries for their 28-year-old and and 18-year-old sons in January. This is not a result of blind faith, but rather a result of their education about a solution and about the harmful effects of antipsychotic drug treatment, especially for life.

Dr. Mackliff recommended to me, in 2013, that we postpone my son’s entry into the university by one year and bring him to Ecuador immediately for the surgery. He said, “Things change very quickly with schizophrenia, and what is possible today may not be possible later.” He was right. We did not follow his recommendations, and my son committed suicide three months after leaving the university after attending for one quarter and receiving straight A’s. This website and my book and documentary film are a result of my own tragic experience of losing my son to schizophrenia and antipsychotic drug treatment.

Please take the time to education yourself about this marvelous treatment in Ecuador that is saving lives everyday.

Have a rich and encouraging new year knowing that a solution to schizophrenia has been found!


Suzanne Ayer Patterson

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