Schizophrenia – Cause and Cure, Dr. Mackliff explains Results from BEAM Surgery

BEAM Explanation

Please watch my documentary film A Life Worth Living – Solution to Schizophrenia on this site that clearly explains the schizophrenia process and how the BEAM surgery works to eliminate the symptoms of schizophrenia and regulate cerebral dopamine. It is a scientific document of a miraculous cure for schizophrenia.

The biological cause of schizophrenia has never before been described. Please watch this impressive video and open your minds to a new understanding of mental illness and schizophrenia, and why there can now be a cure for this terrible disease. Film is narrated in English with English sub-titles where Spanish language is heard.

4 thoughts on “Schizophrenia – Cause and Cure, Dr. Mackliff explains Results from BEAM Surgery

  1. This is such a Blessing to have this information. My Husband Robert has suffered from schitzophrenia now for 3 yrs. He cannot verbalize to well and now is losing memory of who he is. He hears voices, has hallusinations and last physcosis was close to a year now. I would like to have more info on contacting Dr. Mackliff to see if we could try the BEAM Procedure. Thank you again My condolences to you Suzanne for your loss. Mrs Tammy Dutye’


    1. Dear Tammy,

      Thank you for your inquiry. First of all, the BEAM Procedure surgery is completely do able. Although only offered in Ecuador, it is possible to schedule a surgery, travel there, be met at the airport by Dr. Mackliff’s driver and taken to your hotel, receive excellent and highly professional consultations with the doctor prior to surgery, have the surgery with two highly recognized urology surgeons and receive excellent follow-up care by the doctor for 10 days. Dr. Mackliff can be easily reached in English by email at Please tell him that you came into contact with him through my website.

      Since your husband has only been diagnosed with schizophrenia for three years, there is an excellent chance that he will recover quickly from the symptoms of schizophrenia and be off of antipsychotic drugs. There are two American mothers who took their sons for the surgery in January of 2018, who are willing to share their stories and be a support. Their names, email addresses and phone numbers are below:

      Zuly’s phone number is: 1. 661.220.0462. It is the same for WatsApp. Text messages are best

      Erica’s email address is:

      Please contact me again if you have any questions or delays in reaching Dr. Mackliff.

      Warm regards to you and your husband, thank you for your condolences. I’m doing what my son would have wanted me to do, direct people to BEAM surgery.



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