My Advice to Parents with Children with Schizophrenia


Dear Parents,

You are all in my heart while writing the Conclusion for my film, A Life Worth Living – Solution to Schizophrenia.


(Suzanne speaking with photo of her putting flowers in vase at son’s gravesite with her back to audience. Music softly in background.) 3 minutes

If this film saves one child’s life or averts one tragic outcome, I will be profoundly grateful. My story is your story but your child’s story is still unfolding. If your child has been diagnosed as having schizophrenia or you are wondering if your loved one is schizophrenic, it is important to seek help.  Starting treatment as soon as possible may significantly improve your child’s chances to heal and resume a life worth living.

Learn about Dr Mackliff’s research and the positive results from his B.E.A.M. surgery, a viable treatment option for schizophrenia that helps patients return to a constructive, happy life. Review Dr. Mackliff’s case studies, hear the inspiring stories of his patients’ recoveries, and learn about their improved quality of life. For example, Carlos, a young man who suffered from hallucinations and delusions, after having the B.E.A.M. surgery, is now free of these symptoms.

Mackliff’s efforts have been primarily self-funded and fueled by his incredible devotion. He has pioneered and perfected this scientific method over a period of 30 years, with careful research and follow-up observation of his patients.

If you choose this option, please understand that full recovery can take one to three years, and needs family support, with gradual reduction of antipsychotics. Consider contacting Dr. Mackliff in Ecuador for an evaluation.  See if your child improves using a lower, safer dosage of antipsychotic drugs. A prescription from Dr. Mackliff in Ecuador can be filled by a psychiatrist in the U.S.

(These actions appear on screen; possibly scroll one at a time while Suzanne says them.)

Act immediately.  You do not have time to hesitate. This disease progresses rapidly.

Begin exploring your child’s options.

Don’t let your child drift into isolation.

I urge you to really listen to your child with your heart open, to be sensitive to your child’s concerns and fears.

Tell them over and over that you believe in their ability to heal, to find happiness, yet acknowledge their suffering;

They are in a dark passage with many challenges.

Tell them again and again that your love for them is unconditional and that you will help them find their way into the light.

May your efforts be guided by love, not fear.


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