New BEAM Patient Testimonial from Mother in Chili

Dear Doctor,

You will not believe me, but yesterday we remembered you and I told my sister that I was going to write to tell you the positive evolution of my son Paulo.

With great joy I tell you that Paulo has evolved in an extraordinary way, especially in the last 3 months. Practically this normal, passed the fears, the insecurities, the constant depression that maintained, is totally autonomous, works, shares, talks, goes out with his friends and acts like a normal person. I dare say he has achieved a 95% recovery. His doctor has eliminated the Azymol, has lowered the Quetiapina and soon will begin to lower the Depurol. I hope in God that he continues to evolve further to continue to reduce the medications, but with all that he has recovered, I can have the peace of mind that he will be able to fend for himself when his parents are no longer with him.

Again express my deepest thanks to you and Dr. Sanchez and tell you that I receive emails from people who consult for the experience of this surgery, of course my recommendations are in favor of this method and the prestigious experience of doctors Who carry it out.

Finally I regret that Pablo Ucha did not have the same fate as my son in terms of recovery, but this is the procedure, not everyone favors them in the same way.

We send our most sincere affections from Chile

Flora Alvarado, Chili

Dr. Mackliff’s letter to Flora explaining about the case of Pablo.

Dear friend

Ing. Flora Alvarrado

I would like to know how you are there in Calbulco.

I am particularly interested in knowing how Paulo is and what his general state of health is.

I only knew for Pablo Ucha that you had talked with his mother, and we are lamenting that this case is particularly under obsessive symptoms that were not eliminated with the operation.

I say goodbye, I wish the best for your family and I look forward to your kind answer.

Dr Jose Mackliff



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