World Congress NeuroTalk in May 2015 

Progress with the BEAM Treatment 

Dr. Mackliff presented the BEAM treatment for schizophrenia to the BIT’s Sixth Annual Congress of NeuroTalk 2015 ,held in Hangzhou, China.

The World Congress of NeuroTalk brings together basic and industry scientists, clinical investigators, academic physicians, and pharmaceutical professionals with a shared goal of developing effective therapies for the most challenging neurological diseases through research studies and technological innovation. NeuroTalk has already become the largest international meeting of basic, clinical, biotechnology, and industrial neuroscientists in China.

Moreover, it is through the annual meetings that NeuroTalk aims to provide one of the world’s most informative places for all of the participants to obtain the most updated information from the presented data and discussions concerning representative issues tackled by vigorous and cutting-edge scientific investigations.

The increasingly appreciated importance of using cross-disciplinary strategies to better understand concurrent pathogenic events of the central-nervous-system disorders and trauma requires us to integrate promising tactics enabled by marked progresses made in the fields of stem cell biology, glial biology, bioengineering and regenerative biology, in addition to neural transplantation, neuropharmacology, and neurobiology. BEAM represents a leading example of the cross-disciplinary approach of using psychiatry with surgery.

Dr. Jose Mackliff’s presentation was “Bilateral Electro-coagulation of Adrenal Medulla: A Pioneer Surgery for the Disappearance of the Symptoms of Schizophrenia.”

He described that “only with hypothalamus stimulation and functional changes as described in the conference, is it capable to eradicate schizophrenic symptoms like: aggressiveness, apathy, hallucinations, notable changes in the socialization of the patient, and delusional ideas, among other symptoms; which occur in a short period after surgery.”

The chairman at the conference stated, “This is really something new and should be formally investigated,” and the majority of the time at the conference was spent focusing on the BEAM treatment. He requested that a copy of Dr. Mackliff’s medical book in English, titled, Schizophrenia and Parkinson Surgery (Mackliff D. J., Schizophrenia and Parkinson Surgery, 2016), be sent to him, which Mackliff did.